Difference math

Difference math

You can also try Difference math on the lifestyle of a French student on a language course. Moscow educational agencies offer courses lasting from two weeks almost anywhere in France.

In Biarizza, by the way, there are combined courses “French + surfing”, in Vichy – “French + balneotherapy”. Ever since childhood, dreamed of the exploits of the musketeers? Go to La Rochelle and take a fortress of French grammar there. In Nice and Cannes you can spend your vacations not only with pleasure, but also with enriching your vocabulary. In Chamonix there are language courses for skiers. For those who are quite serious about it, they can choose “French for Lawyers” or for businessmen or offer to take the DALF diploma exam on the spot.

The cost of a 2 week trip with tuition, meals and accommodation starts at 1000 euros. But even here there is an opportunity to save money – to apply for a scholarship for short-term language study in France in the summer. It is given to students of not linguistic specialties with a low level of French.

Study visa

If you are going on a language course for up to three months, you need a short-term visa. It is the same for tourists and students. Therefore, in the summer, during the high season, documents must be filed in advance, at least a month in advance.

To study in France you need a long-term student visa, which is possible after the obligatory interview. In addition to the standard set of documents, you need a confirmation of enrollment in the university and the availability of financial resources for a year of life in France.

The best universities of the country

Difference math

The Ministry of Education of France does not make an official rating. How do you choose? By reputation is the Sorbonne. But it turns out it no longer exists!

  • Not many people know about it, but the famous Sorbonne stopped existing back in 1970, – tells Igor Sinyatkin. – It was divided into several universities. True, not to lose the “trademark,” some of them kept the word in their names: “New Sorbonne,” “Pantheon Sorbonne,” etc. The historic Sorbonne is now home to two universities.

Nevertheless, all our students want to go to Paris, if not to the Sorbonne. Although there are excellent universities in Bordeaux, Lyon, Lille and Dijon. It is better to go there than in the capital – life is cheaper, it’s easier to find a dormitory. A 15-meter studio apartment in Paris costs at least 700 – 800 euros a month. In the provinces it’s 300-400 euros, and a single room in a hostel is 130. And only in the provinces you get to know real French life, Paris is too cosmopolitan.

Universities have specialization. For example, university Paris-1 is famous for teaching humanities, Paris-5 – the exact sciences. In high whose definition schools it is better to study economics, finance, management, engineering.

If you want to study on the master’s program, you have to choose from those universities, which have courses in your specialty. Out of the 87 universities you can find the right program only in 10 or 12. There are subjective criteria – some people want to study in the south, by the sea, in Bordeaux or Toulon, others prefer northern Lille.