Breathing from yoga for self-improvement

Meditation and special breathing techniques will give you a sense of strength, strengthen your self-esteem, strengthen your willpower to say no to what is bad for you.

To use meditation practice in combination with yoga breathing, sit up straight, place your palms on the navel, stick out your tongue.
Breathe like a dog, extending your tongue with each exhalation, using your abdominal muscles as a pump. You should see them “walk” back and forth as they breathe.
On each exhalation, pull your belly towards your spine. With each breath, allow your stomach to inflate like a balloon.
Do it as fast as you can. You may experience symptoms of hyperventilation (slight dizziness). This will mean that the rate of internal metabolic processes has increased.
Try breathing like this for one minute. You will feel that tension has decreased, relaxation has come, feelings have been refreshed. Notice the new confidence coming from you.