Yoga mandala

This method was developed by renowned yoga instructor Andrey Lapa. While traveling, he spent a lot of time in Buddhist and Hindu monasteries. There he absorbed sacred knowledge about the connection between body and mind, which then resulted in a completely new type of yoga Mandala yoga is a real art that allows people to achieve physical and spiritual development.

During classes, attention is paid to every part of the body and every movement of the arms, legs and torso. The main rule of mandala yoga is balance. After class, the practitioner does not have the feeling that something has gone unnoticed or unworked.

Despite the significant physical component of this practice, the yoga mandala pays a lot of attention to the spiritual aspects. It makes it possible to transfer to other, more subtle, states of consciousness, perfectly works out energy channels and immerses you in deep meditation.

There are several levels of difficulty in mandala yoga. The sets of exercises may differ in the duration and structure of the asanas themselves. At the initial level, the lesson lasts about 45 minutes, and at more advanced levels – up to three hours.

But do not chase advanced techniques. After all, the most important thing in any kind of yoga is the ability to enter into deep meditative states and balance your mind. Then this practice will become an excellent tool that will help you reconnect with your spiritual essence.

Many people who have used mandala therapy share their discoveries and results from the practice. Reviews of mandalotherapy can be read on the official websites of Andrey Lapa and Maya Mandala.

If you are interested in mandalotherapy, wait for the second part of the article. In it, you will learn how to create a mandala from scratch, how to read the meanings of the colors of the mandala, and how to draw mandalas correctly for different occasions.