What to do if a child witnesses a quarrel between parents

Parents need to remember that a quarrel or a rough argument between parents can cause fear, panic, misunderstanding and self-doubt in a child. A parental quarrel can negatively affect his later adult life and http://argoprep.com/blog/educators/fake-news-examples-for-students-and-how-to-find-the-facts/.

If you could not restrain yourself and, due to a misunderstanding, a “heart-to-heart talk” turned into a loud showdown, you need to save your child from its consequences as much as possible.

– During a quarrel, try to be as calm as possible, because a raised voice will not be convincing, but will only scare the child. Of course, by smashing cymbals and spreading your arms, you release the accumulated tension. But in this way you injure your baby, inflicting complex psychological trauma on him for life.

– With and without a child, try not to insult or humiliate your partner. Remember that verbal and physical aggression causes irreparable harm to the state of mind of the child. Children are very sensitive to the emotions embedded in words and http://argoprep.com/blog/project-based-learning-pbl-examples/.

Therefore, even if you do not use swear words, the child will still feel disrespectful towards the second parent.

– Try to keep the neutrality of the child. Do not ask the child’s opinion about the quarrel that happened and do not be interested in whom he favors more. Do not convince him that you are right, because this is extremely traumatic for the child. Remember that in both parents he sees the closest and dearest people.

– Try to quickly end the conflict and make peace with the baby. However, very often this does not work out. Then, having come to your senses after a quarrel, try to admit your mistakes and apologize to the baby for witnessing what happened. You can calmly and clearly explain to him the reason for the conflict and your feelings.

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– And most importantly, you need to convince the child that he is not guilty of what happened. After all, very often, young children have the idea that they are the culprits of what happened.

He must know that no one is to blame for the quarrel. A quarrel does not mean that one of the parents is bad. Intelligibly explain to the baby that the parents are good, but could not immediately agree.

– Explain to the child that the quarrel that happened will not be a reason for a divorce between dad and mom. After all, you love each other and your baby.

– It is necessary to think and find the reasons for what is happening if parental quarrels occur constantly and verbal and physical aggression is used. This is important to normalize your relationship and stop hurting your child.

– You need to contact a specialist if you cannot solve the problem on your own and get out of the vicious circle of mutual accusations and reproaches. So you will find peace and give happiness to your children.