Meditation postures for beginners

If Padmasana is not yet available, do not immediately give up mastering meditative practices and One should meditate in the Semilotos pose or in Vajrasana. At the very least, you can assume a cross-legged pose. But at the same time you should work on the opening of the hips. Asanas such as Pashchimotanasana, Gomukhasana, Hanumanasana, and Samakonasana can be practiced to open the hips. However, the development of the body must be harmonious, so do not focus only on the hip joints – take time to develop the entire body. There is another important point worth mentioning: stiffness of the hip joints is not just a physical problem. The roots of this problem lie in the energetic and karmic planes of being of a particular person. For example, experience shows that combatants are most often unable to master Padmasana even within a few years, for obvious reasons. The ability or inability to sit in Padmasana is a direct reflection of accumulated negative karma. So first of all, pay attention to your life: if you regularly do wrong deeds or engage in some questionable business or other activity, then there will be serious difficulties with mastering Padmasana. Here again, it’s worth recalling the importance of adhering to Yama and Niyama in daily life. Also, such things as improper diet (animal products, sweets, flour), negative emotions (anger, irritability, envy), dependence on sensual pleasures and in general any negative manifestations of Muladhara and Svadhistana affect the stiffness of the hips. To solve the problem of tightness of the hips should be approached comprehensively: at the level of the physical body, at the level of energy and at the level of consciousness.