How to get rid of stress – Raise your stress tolerance.

 get rid of stress

The ability to withstand difficulties and act quickly in difficult situations is called stress resistance.

Such quality is very important for employees of many professions: managers, doctors, PR-managers, salespeople… Therefore, very often, when selecting personnel, employers conduct tests with applicants, showing their reaction to non-standard conditions.

However, the ability to react adequately to troubles is important not only for a successful career. Stress-resistant people are more positive, less sick, have more confidence in their abilities and are able to help others.

However, one cannot say that stress is always evil. A certain number of non-standard situations are necessary for each person, because it is through these moments, he learns. Received knowledge and skills in the future allow you to act wiser and more effectively solve complex issues. Such stresses are called “positive”. But there are also “negative” – they destroy the psyche and lead to depression, insomnia and chronic illness.

How to get rid of stress- Types of stress tolerance…

According to psychologists, all people can be divided into 4 types depending on their reaction to stressful situations.

Stress-resistant people painfully endure the slightest failures and difficulties. Any new circumstances can bring them to panic.

Stress-resistant people can easily tolerate the smallest of troubles and surprises. But serious stresses that make quick and balanced decisions and the need to take responsibility drive them out of control.

The stress-strain type is normal for small problems, but it is related to the general phlegmaticity and infantile. Unexpectedness on a larger scale can unbalance them.

Stress-resistant people are best able to cope with difficult and unforeseen circumstances. Most often this quality is acquired in the course of life, but sometimes it is congenital.

According to specialists, stress resistance is acquired during the resolution of various non-standard situations. In other words, the more often a person gets into an unfamiliar environment that forces him to think and own their emotions, the more chances he has to become stress-resistant.

How to get rid of stress – Ways to increase stress tolerance

In order to respond more intelligently to a complex situation and resolve problems more quickly and effectively, you need to calm down. It is the mastery of emotions that is the basis of stress tolerance.

 get rid of stress

The following actions contribute to increased self-control.

  1. Maintaining patience and respect for others. All people are different, their behavior is sometimes perplexing and irritating. The ability to hide such emotions can help resolve conflicts and compromise.
  2. 2. Improving one’s own skills in the chosen profession and learning the basics of time management. This will help to distribute the workload more efficiently and to quickly resolve difficulties encountered in the work process.
  3. Ability to relax. This can be achieved by resorting to simple breathing exercises or meditation. A good way to relax is to have a regular massage.
  4. Exercise of your favorite hobby. Such activities may include sports, yoga, embroidery, knitting, dancing, cooking… A person who is passionate about business devotes less time to negative emotions. It helps not to dwell on unpleasant trifles.
  5. The alternation of passive and active recreation options. Hiking, fresh air, team games help restore balance, and reading, watching movies or sleeping switch thinking to other objects.
  6. The ability to analyze and assess stressful situations. This ability allows learning from the behavior of others and one’s own. In addition, a calm assessment of events will make it possible not to attach more importance to problems than they actually are.
  7. Observation of people. Every conflict has its precursors. Having noticed them in advance, the person will have time for psychological preparation for stress. Moreover, the ability to interact with complex people also comes after the ability to predict someone else’s behavior.
  8. Avoiding bad habits. Smoking and alcohol cause addiction and make a person more vulnerable and aggressive, which invariably leads to more conflict situations.
  9. The ability to concentrate and listen to oneself will allow intuitively finding the right ways out of crisis circumstances.

Of course, this list is just an example. Each person copes with the increased emotional stress in his own way, many have their own ideas about how to get rid of stress. But by following these simple recommendations, you can improve by going through different stages of stress resistance. The main thing is to raise your “stress limit” all the time.