How do you overcome your fear of making a mistake?

making a mistake

One of the main obstacles that prevent a person from taking action is the fear of making a mistake. If you think about it, you will realize that this fear is actually a set of other fears:

the fear of appearing stupid in other people’s faces;
fear of losing time and resources;
fear of hitting your self-confidence;
…and all these fears are packed into one – fear of making a mistake.

So how do we overcome this fear?
It is necessary to get rid of the stigma of fear of such an event as a mistake. How? It’s very simple.

Once and for all, take a SECURITY, Firm as a stone, Faithful at a MILLION of PROCESSING FACT that in your life you will be OBLIGATORY ERRORED.

You will do them, period.
You’ll feel the weight fall off your shoulders.
Feel how much easier it is to move forward with this conviction.
Realize as well that making a mistake is natural.

You are not an ideal person; accordingly, it is quite reasonable to assume that the actions of an ideal person will also be not ideal. Therefore, there is no need to make a big event out of an ordinary mistake. It’s not about mistakes…

It’s all about Error Correction.

With errors, you can see your next step. That’s what they’re made for. If you are afraid of mistakes, you will not be able to understand what you need to do to get to the desired goal.

Some may object: “Anyone can handle a mistake in the technical side of the case, no one is afraid of them. What about the social side?”

How about being afraid to seem ridiculous in other people’s eyes when a mistake is made? How do you overcome that?

My favorite quote from Theodore Roosevelt will help:

“Neither critics nor those who point out how much a strong man has made a mistake, nor those who point to where a case maker could have done something better, matter. Praise goes to the one who has been in business; the one whose face is stained with dust, sweat and blood; the one who furiously strives for something; the one who is wrong again and again because there is no effort without mistakes; the one who has nevertheless experienced great enthusiasm and great dedication; the one who has devoted himself to a worthy goal; the one who will experience the triumph of a great achievement at the best and the defeat of a bold attempt at the worst. The place of this man will never be near those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.

Further on, in discussing this quote, you will understand that it is people who make mistakes that eventually grow and learn. As they move towards their goal, they will stumble, but they will learn to adjust to the new situation. At a certain point, this series of mistakes will turn into luggage for them, which will help them very well in case of a storm from which you do not understand the storm.

Those who do not make mistakes will be very much affected by such a storm, just because they will not have developed “adaptation muscles”… they will have a much harder time.

making a mistake

Mistakes of the past are the school of life where you are the one who drives. It is you who explore the unknown bottom, you make life react to you, not the other way around.

It is also obvious that you develop a trait such as courage when you overcome the fear of making mistakes. This bravery will then manifest itself in other areas of your life.

Soon you will notice how you do things you have not even dreamed of in the past. You will discover a variety of new situations that you can use to further your learning.

You will feel alive.

What is so funny about all this?

It’s much better to take part in the game than sitting on a bench. The one who is “out of the game”, who criticizes and makes judgments is the one who loses. He passes by valuable experience, by the opportunity to develop the courage not to be developed in any other way; by the powerful feeling that YOU are the INITIATOR.

To live is to make mistakes.
To grow up is to learn from those mistakes.
There’s nothing to be afraid of.
But there is something to learn.
There’s something to grow up with!

Only the dead do not make mistakes!