How do you increase intelligence?

increase intelligence

It is not so much prestigious as it is profitable to have a high intellectual capacity in our time. Intelligent people try to listen to the opinion, erudite person – a good conversationalist, they always ask for advice and support. All major corporations and industrial complexes are headed, who do you think? Of course, educated and erudite individuals, earning large sums of money and able to find a way out of the most unforeseen situations. And of course improving their mental abilities is a wise and correct decision. How do you increase your intelligence?
You know that the human brain is able to memorize and analyze such a volume of information that can fit into a couple of thousands of 20-volume catalogues. There are several contradictory opinions that we will use 5 to 10%, 10 to 20% or 3 to 8%, as you can see, there are enough options. The question is, why can’t we use the whole brain? It turns out that most of our brain is just “lying” ballast in our head, not doing any good.

Let’s go back to childhood … It is known that the child’s brain is actively developing about 16-18 years old, gets all the necessary and original knowledge. And if, starting from an early age to teach a child to train and improve their intelligence, you can achieve excellent results. Today there are many methods to improve the mental abilities of children. Those who were deprived of this opportunity for various reasons, can give their children such a chance, giving them a ticket to a bright future.

increase intelligence

The inexorable degradation of the human brain occurs for various reasons: contaminated environment, improper nutrition, bad habits, constant stress, etc. For myself, I will add that many things in our everyday lives also affect our mental abilities, such as constantly sitting in front of the TV, texting all day long on social networks or playing computer games. It is possible to slow down the deterioration of brain function by taking into account the above reasons and trying to correct them.

So, you decided: quit smoking, alcohol on holidays, daily morning exercises. What do you change in your diet, how do you increase your intelligence?! Scientists in many developed countries have repeatedly proved… That the most useful product for the brain is cranberries. Remember the last time you ate that berry… Next in this rating to improve intelligence go – beet and blueberry, oily fish: salmon, tuna, trout, mackerel, etc.
But, abandoning bad habits and change in diet will not give a tangible result without training. Read books of recognized classics, communicate with educated people, go to training lectures, do everything to ensure that your level of intelligence increases day by day.