Difficulties in children learning to write

Before starting classes about subtraction facts, it is worth determining the leading hand of the child: at 4-5 years old, according to many experts, the hands are differentiated and it is already possible to distinguish right-handers from left-handers (although diagnosis is not always accurate). To identify the dominant hand, there are a number of tests, during which the child is asked to perform a series of actions: cut a sheet of paper with scissors, screw on the lid, erase the drawing with an eraser, etc.

The level of development of fine motor skills can also be determined at home, using simple graphic exercises.

First task: circle. The child is shown odd numbers or a circle drawn on a sheet (3-3.5 cm in diameter) and asked to draw exactly the same on his sheet of paper, with a simple pencil.

If the child drew an oval instead of a circle or a circle is very different in size from the sample; if the line is uneven or the baby tore the pencil off the paper, trying to reproduce the circle with small dashed lines; if he tried to fix the hand itself, firmly and motionlessly pressing it to the sheet, the hand is poorly developed.

Second task: hatching. A simple silhouette – a house, an apple, etc. the child is offered to shade with straight lines, without going beyond the borders. The direction of hatching (horizontal, vertical, diagonal) is chosen by the child himself, looking at the pattern that the adult shows him.

If the baby constantly turns over the sheet with the image what is common core math, because he cannot sufficiently control the brush, changing the direction of hatching, the muscles of the hand are not trained enough, fine motor skills are not very well developed.

Another problem that may have to be overcome when mastering graphic skills is the incorrect position of the hand when writing or performing graphic tasks. This skill is one of the complex skills, success in learning to write depends on it, and in the future – the beauty of handwriting, speed and many other important points of spelling. Therefore, you will have to take the time to correct the position of the hand when holding a pencil or pen.