Communicating with other people – how to overcome psychological barriers

Fear of communication must be hindering you both at work and in your personal life; you dream of getting rid of it forever, but you hardly know where to start. Of course, it’s hard enough to overcome your fears. This long process requires willpower, determination and patience, which will ultimately lead to a positive result. The main thing is not to lose faith in your strength and capabilities, becoming more and more confident and determined over time.

overcome psychological barriers

To begin with, determine what are the reasons for your fear of communication. It would be even better to remember the situation (even if such situations accompanied you often, in any case, there is a turning point, which became the last straw), which led you to the fear of communication. Such a circumstance could have been an accidentally thrown mockery, affecting your psyche, careless or incisive word of a parent, friend, or perhaps the enemy. Finding out the reason, you will understand how to fight it, which is the first step towards success.

Ways to overcome the crisis are numerous, but not always effective. In the following paragraphs, you will learn the most effective ways to become more sociable, carefully selected for you.

Communicating with other people is perhaps the surest way to overcome fear of them. No, you should not hurt yourself and try to immediately become a sociable person who loves communication and friendly fun company. Try to start with the easiest but most effective communication, which will allow you to practice – with social networking. VKontakte, Twitter, Facebook, ICQ, skype – dating and talking to these people do not oblige you to anything – you can not be afraid to say something wrong or wrong, because you do not know each other. Gradually you will become more relaxed to communicate with virtual friends.

So, now you can come to the next point of our “therapy” – telephone conversations. So, you do not see the interlocutor yet, but you hear his voice and intonation, between you establish contact. This may be a call to the shop to clarify whether the right product is available or other calls in this spirit, which will develop your communication skills.

Now you can move on to the hardest part, which is called communication with other people in real life. Getting people to meet you and talk to you is not a good idea, and a person who still has the fear of communication is unlikely to like it. Psychologists recommend the following: go shopping and ask salesmen a question. For shy people or people with fear of communication, talking to a salesperson is the easiest way to overcome the fear of communication, because we all have to go to the shops, buying groceries and making contact with the salesperson. This way, you do not perceive a shopkeeper as acute as a colleague or acquaintance, which allows you to relax.

overcome psychological barriers

And, of course, you should not think that you are worse than other people and lose your self-respect. Each person is individual, he or she has his or her own personality traits, which can be difficult for others to understand, but do not have to be afraid to show themselves to be real. Have you noticed that people who do not respond to the opinion of others are respected by all? But they are different from you only one thing – the ability not to pay attention to others and live as they want. Neither your character, nor your appearance or position is worse than theirs, and you will also be able to learn to perceive themselves on an equal footing with others, to enjoy communication. You are not the first or the last person to experience discomfort in communication, but they overcome their fear – and you will certainly be able to defeat it.